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About Me

I’m Rod Caddies, I’m a husband, dad, hard worker and proud Australian.

I believe passionately that society is best served by a Government that holds family, community, effective police and judicial systems, education, health care and support for the vulnerable as its highest priorities.

One day I want to be a representative in our Parliament fighting for those priorities and hold the Government of the day to account for its policies and priorities.

I’m married to Monique Caddies and have three children, Emily, 18, Jaxon, 16, and Matilda, 7.

Having grown up in rural Western Australia and spent a large part of my working life in our the State’s regions, I know both the opportunities and challenges that life in regional Western Australia presents.

I spent 4 years working as a senior policy advisor to MLC Colin Tincknell and have seen firsthand the value an effective crossbench in the parliament can have. It was only with the support of crossbench members that moves by the McGowan Government to nationalise our cray fishing industry, increase the gold tax, close down the school of the air and regional boarding colleges and defund Community Resource Centres were defeated in the Legislative Council.

My life experiences have also given me a deep appreciation of the opportunities that living in Western Australia presents. My early childhood was marked by times of separation from my siblings as my mum struggled as a single parent to 7 children. Equally, my later childhood and teenage years are marked by freedoms and fun of a country kid growing up in a big family in Manjimup with my mum and step father.

I spent six years in the armed forces with the 10th Light Horse Regiment, a time in my life that reinforced the values and benefits of hard work, team work and taking a disciplined approach to everything I do.

I studied child welfare and juvenile justice and worked in the child protection sector for 15 years. I believe the care, nurture and education of children happens best in a traditional family setting, but for those children where this is not possible, our Government must be empowered to make safe and appropriate choices with the welfare of these children as their priority.

I’ve also worked on remote stations across northern Western Australia and I’m well aware of the hopes and hurdles that come with running a small business. For 10 years I owned and operated a successful business running rodeos in regional communities across the State. My wife Monique and I currently now operates a riding school in the Swan Valley.

I have throughout my adult life volunteered in many capacities, including as a youth worker in my local church and in remote indigenous communities.

Having backpacked around every state in Australia and traveled extensively to other countries in Asia and Europe I’ve been exposed to many lifestyles, cultures and societies and know from those experiences that what we have in Australia is worth protecting.

I’m a passionate defender of the Australian way of life and believe the lifestyle, opportunities and freedoms we enjoy are worth working for. Let’s work together to ensure generations to come get to enjoy the opportunities and lifestyle we love.


Rod Caddies