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Being largely a regional and remote-based geographic state, WA relies heavily on telecommunications, not just for business, but emergency services, schools, and day-to-day living, given a low level of human and health services in the ‘bush’.


‘The digital world is now classed as essential services, required for education, health, innovation technology, and even emergency services, and thousands of regional Western Australia’s can’t even access it.’


  • Regional WA has a lack of equitable access to reliable and quality telecommunications services. In many cases, entire towns cannot reliably connect to the internet and phone, and large tracts of land as close as 50-100 km from Perth have virtually no internet or phone service.
  • Our constituents include some of the most innovative businesses and individuals in Australia, and yet we remain locked out of future economic growth and prosperity through the digital divide – undermining Australia’s productivity.
  • Previous State Governments have tried to rationalise Community Resource Centres – in many cases, the only source of reliable internet in the town, used for elderly to book medical appointments, the unemployed to access job search engines, and the needy to access basic living assistance. All this in a state that exports $193 billion per year of minerals and produce.