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Western Australia is one of the most arid farming regions in the world, and yet with a large resource of underutilised water resource – saline and fresh - throughout the state.

Being one of the most saline agricultural regions in Australia, WA contains millions of hectares of land that is being underutilised for agricultural production, which underpins regional communities, regional businesses, and social capital.

Previous State Governments have failed to invest in water infrastructure in regional areas – the lifeblood of farmers, regional communities, regional businesses, and social capital.

  • WA is not capitalising on its opportunity to efficiently utilise our water resources for increased economic return, whilst also not halting the billions in lost production from soil degradation.
  • With a competitive advantage supplying agricultural produce to the neighbourly Asian region, WA is not positioning itself to build agrifood supply chain resilience and efficiencies.
  • In such a mineral-rich state, to have regional communities having to rely on trucks to cart drinking water hundreds of kilometres is a disgrace
  • Problems such as insufficient standpipes, lack of maintenance of water infrastructure, lack of community dams, and insufficient roaded catchments, and inter-Departmental bureaucratic ‘red-tape’ have much of Regional WA literally running out of water, for farms, schools and townships, and yet coincides with record fiscal surpluses from Water Corporation that is not being re-invested into the water supply.